Friday, February 3, 2017

NIC ONE Wild Style Skate Board..

Recently I finished up a project that I had started several months ago. I wanted to do a NIC ONE on a skate board but was pretty mixed up about which direction to have the style flow go. After watching a Shazam VS Superman cartoon from the Justice League Unlimited series. I was inspired to pay a bit of tribute to Shazam, the iconic character that I love so much by adding in the middle of the skate board his lighting simbol. I then started the N.I.C- on one side of it and the O.N.E- on the other, with a bit of a doward tilt to the letter style and flow and 3D. I added red to the inside letter fill to once again paying homage to the character...And that's when I had to put a pause on the project. To finish off a few paying projects. Once I picked up the board again my graffiti third eye started to see things a bit different and with that I finished up the skate board. I hang it sideways in a bit of an angle as that seems to be the best way to compliment its off sidedness..

Angry Bugs Bunny by NIC ONE

Well I had to do it. I've been thinking about doing a angry version of Bugs Bunny for sometime now and I've finally got it started..I'm excited to finish it up..but once again gotta work on a couple of other art projects. No worrys I will get back into it shortly,,,Stay Tooned..